Book Club

Season 1 2019 – 2020 / Collaboration with Lenka Clayton, books selected by Melissa Catanese and Ed Panar

Book Club is a call and response experiment that encourages improvisation, collaborative inspiration, and exploring the freedom of extremely tight creative deadlines. The first season took place over eleven weeks from the end of 2019, through the beginning of the Covid pandemic. The participants were four artists; Melissa Catanese & Ed Panar, and Phillip Andrew Lewis & Lenka Clayton. This page shares responses made by Lenka and Phillip.

Once a week each duo presented a book to the other. By the end of the week each collaborative made something in response to the book, taking some aspect of the books physical form or content as a starting point. Sometimes there were multiple responses.

Book 03 / Silence, John Cage / book given to an nine year old who was asked to use it to make all sounds possible
Book 03 / Silence, John Cage / two training videos to teach the backwards alphabet