Gallery Closed

Gallery Closed is a project space in Pittsburgh, PA run by artists Phillip Andrew Lewis and Lenka Clayton. Conceived during the pandemic, the gallery is designed to be permanently “closed”, yet at the same time continuously open. All exhibitions are accessible 24-hours a day by peering through two street-facing windows.

Inaugural year-long evolving exhibition features artists:

Rosa Barba / Melissa Catanese / Raven Chacon / Cooking Sections / Mark Dion / Michael Dumontier / Jimmie Durham / Jason Fulford / Philip Glass / Jim Goldberg / Ann Hamilton / Pablo Helguera / Taraneh Hemami / Jonathan Horowitz / Maira Kalman / Nina Katchadourian / Micah Lexier / Carlos Motta / Keris Salmon / Ed Panar / Cornelia Parker / Jon Rubin / Alessandra Sanguinetti / Tamara Shopsin / Alec Soth / Kerry Tribe / Deborah Willis